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I’m mary from alliance nebraska Usa, I’m 32 years old single never married with no kids looking for a serious and long term relationship. i took a look at your profile now and it sound so amazing to me and i will like to know more about you, you can write an e mail to marysamuel 812 at yahoo dot com or add me to your list.I’m the type of woman who loves to laugh. I have an open mind but that doesn’t mean I don’t have strong opinons. I love art and music and love being creative. I can sometimes be a social butterfly while at other times want to just stay in and read a good book. I am looking to meet someone who really wants to know me and has a great sense of humor about themselves. In other words, don’t take yourself too seriously. We can figure the rest out as we go:)


A series of photos all taken here in San Francisco. I fall in love with where I live over and over again.

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